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West Common Lane Teaching Practice

West Common Lane Teaching Practice was first opened in July 1991 by Dr Chris Hall and Dr Andy Lee. Since then there have been many changes with the most notable one happening in February 2015 when the surgery took over the care of Dr Balasanthiran’s patients.


The Digital Journey Planner (DJP), created by Redmoor Health in partnership with NHS England. N3i worked in close partnership with Redmoor as the locality co-ordinator for practices undertaking the DJP to provide additional support and expertise where required.

The DJP is an innovative online self-assessment tool designed to enhance the knowledge, comprehension, and processes of GP practices with the objective of advancing practice digital maturity.

The DJPs first module, patient communications, has been commissioned by NHS England and is available to all practice teams throughout the country at no cost.

The Challenges

Whilst actioning one of the improvement areas highlighted by the DJP, West Common Lane Teaching Practice realised they were unable to claim their business on Google. Unfortunately, despite contacting Google Customer Support, the practice was unable to claim the business. Another challenge faced by the practice was finding the time around day-to-day practice operations to complete the DJP to an adequate standard.

West Common Lane Teaching Practice was first opened in July 1991. The practice currently provides services to a patient population in excess of 8000 which is still growing to date.

As a practice, we discovered that we were lacking behind with regards to some of the working processes. They were not ‘modern’, nor up to the current digital standard. In some areas, we were working on par with what the DJP would expect, but it helped plug the gap where it was not. Lauren Grundy at N3i has offered help at every step of the way, we would like to convey our thanks to her.

The Solution

West Common Lane Teaching practice contacted Redmoor Health who were able to support the practice and quickly managed to resolve the issue with Google, allowing the practice to claim the business and further progress with the DJP.


The practice tried to complete the DJP as independently as possible, with an offer of support from N3i team available as required. The practice and N3i teams met on an ad-hoc basis to discuss the DJP and any stumbling blocks or further questions.


The DJP has improved the standard of the practice’s website. It has also enhanced staff awareness of the information that is available to patients on the website.

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