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Roxton Practice

The Roxton Practice in North East Lincolnshire has been dedicated to serving the healthcare needs of the Immingham community and surrounding areas for over 60 years. Recently, the practice has placed a strong emphasis on enhancing patient communication by reassessing the functionality and content on their practice website and social media channels.


The Digital Journey Planner (DJP), created by Redmoor Health in partnership with NHS England. N3i worked in close partnership with Redmoor as the locality co-ordinator for practices undertaking the DJP to provide additional support and expertise where required.

The DJP is an innovative online self-assessment tool designed to enhance the knowledge, comprehension, and processes of GP practices with the objective of advancing practice digital maturity.

The DJPs first module, patient communications, has been commissioned by NHS England and is available to all practice teams throughout the country at no cost.

The Challenges

With a commitment to staying abreast with digital technology, the practice also recognised the importance of utilising digital tools for patient communications to ensure that vital information is effectively conveyed to patients in a manner that is easily understandable. As part of this effort, the practice underwent the DJP assessment and are now eager to share their experience through a comprehensive case study.

The practice has formed a collaborative working group with their patient participation group to establish an online social media presence that will aid in patient communications and ensure that essential information is presented in a meaningful format. One of the primary areas that the group will focus on is clarifying the Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme (ARRS) roles, which will assist patients in understanding that there are additional healthcare professionals available to provide support.

The practice would also like to extend their gratitude to Lauren from N3i for her excellent support in this endeavour. Through regular monthly meetings, invaluable assistance in driving the project forward will be provided by both N3i and Redmoor Health, ensuring that identified actions are completed in a timely and effective manner. This collaborative partnership has played a critical role in the practice's success in optimising their digital journey and improving patient outcomes.


The DJP has played an important role in supporting the practice in enhancing their digital journey. By utilising the DJP, the practice has been able to evaluate key areas and establish an implementation and action plan that can be assigned to relevant individuals across the practice.

The initial feedback from the practice has been positive, with many citing its usefulness in maintaining a structured approach to managing their digital journey. Additionally, the DJP has contributed to learning and facilitated practice change, resulting in improved patient communications and better utilisation of digital technologies. Testimonials from the practice further demonstrate the efficacy of the DJP in driving positive outcomes for the practice and its patients.


As a result of utilising the DJP, the practice has gained valuable insights into the importance of regularly reviewing their digital assets to ensure they effectively meet the needs of both patients and staff. This ongoing process of evaluation has facilitated greater awareness of the benefits of digital technologies in enhancing patient communications and streamlining practice operations.

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