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Improving NHS App Adoption with N3i’s Digital Transformation Service

Bridlington Primary Care Network (PCN) is part of a broader initiative within the East Riding of Yorkshire, aimed at integrating various healthcare providers to offer comprehensive and coordinated care to patients. Since its inception in July 2019, Bridlington PCN has been committed to fostering collaboration among GP practices, NHS providers, and community organisations to meet the healthcare needs of its diverse patient population.


Holding drop-in sessions for patients to offer direct support, guidance, and assistance in utilising the NHS app effectively, ensuring patients can confidently access and manage their healthcare information and services.


Recognising the essential role of digital healthcare solutions in modernising service delivery, Bridlington PCN embarked on a journey to enhance patient engagement and streamline healthcare processes through the adoption of the NHS App.

The Challenges

Faced with challenges such as low awareness, digital literacy barriers, and patient resistance, the PCN sought support from N3i’s Digital Transformation Service (DTS) to drive successful implementation.

We are immensely grateful for the support and expertise provided by N3i's Digital Transformation Service. Their tailored approach and collaborative partnership have empowered us to overcome barriers and drive successful adoption of digital healthcare solutions within our community.

The NHS App drop-in sessions facilitated by N3i have been influential in increasing patient engagement and enhancing access to healthcare services. We highly recommend N3i's DTS to any organisation seeking to embark on a digital transformation journey.

The Solution

Engaging with N3i’s DTS proved to be the right decision for Bridlington PCN. The service provided a dedicated team who collaborated closely with the PCN to understand its unique needs and challenges. N3i’s approach involved a tailored digital development plan for each practice within the PCN, along with specific training sessions to facilitate adoption and proficiency in digital healthcare tools.

Communication between Bridlington PCN and N3i was characterised by regular update meetings and progress reports. This partnership empowered Bridlington PCN to make significant strides in adapting to a digital environment, with tangible progress evident in the increased uptake of the NHS App among patients.

To address the challenges hindering NHS App adoption, N3i, in collaboration with Bridlington PCN, organised targeted drop-in sessions for patients. These sessions aimed to provide hands-on support and guidance, tailored to the specific needs and digital literacy levels of the diverse patient demographic served by the PCN.

Practice staff were equipped with the necessary knowledge to promote the NHS App effectively, while patients received personalised assistance in downloading, registering, and utilising the app.

The drop-in sessions were promoted through various channels including social media, the local newspaper and GP practice messages. The sessions were scheduled at convenient times, in varied locations to maximise attendance and accommodate patients’ requirements.

Through the efforts of N3i and Bridlington PCN, significant progress was achieved in enhancing digital healthcare within the community. The NHS App drop-in sessions facilitated increased awareness and uptake of the app among patients, while also improving digital literacy skills and confidence in utilising digital healthcare tools.


Patient feedback around the value of the sessions was extremely positive and word of mouth quickly spread, resulting in a high demand for future sessions.

The success of this initiative highlights the importance of targeted patient engagement strategies and comprehensive support for practices in driving digital transformation within healthcare settings. By addressing barriers to adoption and the collaboration between stakeholders, Bridlington PCN have paved the way for improved patient engagement and access to healthcare services in the local community.

Bridlington PCN acknowledges the invaluable support and assistance provided by N3i’s DTS team throughout the process. Their expertise and dedication were instrumental in achieving the desired outcomes and driving positive change within the PCN.

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